Halloween Full Blue Moon in Taurus - 31st Oct 2020. Go Micro, Get Magical and Beat The Blues. 

Wowee! How excited am I that we have a Blue Moon on Halloween this year?! 

I’m not one for switching on news. But astrology forecasts are another thing…. even so it’ seems the doom and gloom has spread from on the box to getting into out of the box. 

The skies aren’t particularly easy this year, no surprises there!  And it continues on, with a turbulent blue moon in Taurus…. 

A sign that craves stability but doesn’t have it right now because the king of shake ups and wake ups (Uranus - not Shakin Stevens - am I showing my age? ) is having a party in the bulls house! 

Yup that’s how wild Uranus is! And don’t we know it! Hello 2020 anyone?

On the macro there’s much talk and concern that the USA general election is so close to this Moon.

And on the same day Mercury (another trickster) stations and goes direct. But when has the general election not been close to a Full Moon and Mercury changing direction?...

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