Take more water with it - Full Moon in Cancer 29th/30th Dec 2020

The Moon finds herself full in her own home (sign) of Cancer for the second time this year at 3:28am GMT on 30th. 

Not normal! “Normal” is one Full Moon in each sign a year. On the astrological surface it looks like we end this epic year the way we started it.

But then again things often seem the same on the surface, when underneath there’s a rich world of tumultuous ever changing sea of life.

Just like the sign of Cancer.  

We opened this year with a Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer on Jan 10th.

Do you remember what you were doing? I was lucky enough to be experiencing one of the most memorable moments of my life, so i’ll take you there now.

Let’s go!

Placing one foot in front of the other with great care not because of the surrounding jungle, in fact the earth beneath is incredibly flat and even.

Let’s just say once stung, twice shy, I’ve been here before, a bee got caught in my sandal, but when I threw myself on my back legs...

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