Your Twin is Within! - Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 30th November 2020

Your Twin is Within! - Lunar Eclipse in Gemini 30th November  @ 9:39 pm GMT.

Welcome to the final closing curtain of 2020 - December’s Eclipse season. 

A year ago, I  followed a voice that landed me back in a place close to my heart. Tulum. On the South Eastern Caribbean Coast of Mexico. 

I planned to hold a Past Life Regression retreat there during eclipse season. I planned for my husband to come too. I planned so much, staying put, going with my hubby, but the divine had other plans. 

Now I know, I needed to land alone.

To hear the whispers of the divine super- natural power so strong there. 

There I stood on hot Caribbean sand, sinking into the pulse of nature through mother earth's veins, taking in the startling vibrancy of colour all around, and receiving the following message...

“In 2020 the spiritual practice of the people is paramount. Any and every action will have an instant karmic reaction, and as for you, put your head down and...

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