Libra New Moon 16th October - Find Your Inner Minerva.

Welcome to the second super New Moon in a row, one of three welcoming you into December’s Eclipse season -what a crescendo for 2020?

There’s no doubt the world is changing around us, and the pressure can easily trigger, making us act out rather than act in. “In” is an anagram of “Minerva” as is “nerve” well, “nerv” but you get me? 

I mean whose gonna lose it over the letter E right? 

Well maybe many of us at the moment... what with Mercury and Mars both being retrograde.

Retrogrades are about going within, Mercury rules, thoughts, speech and the nervous system and Mars, well Mars has a nerve! But with Mars being turned in on oneself, we can easily short wire right now. 

However, the intention of Mars and Mercury retrograde - is not to make us implode. 

These times help us take a look within at our thoughts and words (Mercury) and our actions ( Mars). But if you’ve got some wounding, it can ...

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