Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius - 15th December 2020 - A Final Farewell

...Of Covid, 2020 and?

And the air was full

Of various storms and saints

Praying in the street

As the banks began to break

And I'm in the throes of it

Somewhere in the belly of the beast

But you took your toll on me

So I gave myself over willingly

Oh, you got a hold on me

I don't know how I don't just stand outside and scream

I am teaching myself how to be free

The monument of a memory

You tear it down in your head

Don't make the mountain your enemy

Get out, get up there instead

You saw the stars out in front of you

Too tempting not to touch

But even though it shocked you

Something's electric in your blood

And people just untie themselves

Uncurling lifelines

If you could just forgive yourself

But still you stumble, feet give way

Outside the world seems a violent place

But you had to have him, and so you did

Some things you let go in order to live

While all around you the buildings sway

You sing it out loud, who made us this way?

I know you're bleeding, but you'll be okay

Hold on to...

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