The Turning Point of The Solstice and Great Conjunction 2020

21/12/20 The day the two most karmic planets in Astrology meet in an air sign for the first time in 200 years (bar 1981) AND it’s the solstice!

What does this mean Tiff? A few of you have asked.

Well, This past month has felt a little... different, right?

Something is in the air helping us to draw a line under certain things, let go of ego and grow.

These two are the biggest giants in our galaxy.

One is known as “The Major Benefic” and the other is known as “The Major Malefic”

But as always, just like tarot, astrology and the workings of the universe isn’t that simple.

Every planet is a divinity in its own right, a hero with a thousand faces whether you vilify them or not, they all serve a purpose.

So here’s a tip I've found for whenever something looks like it’s at cross purposes...

Look for the common ground.

I mean, lets not forget that it’s happening on the day of the winter solstice too - or summer if you are in the...

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