Super New Moon in Scorpio - 15th November 2020. Vulnerability, Visibility and Vision. 

Dance like nobody's watching; 

Love like you've never been hurt. 

Sing like nobody's listening; 

Work like you don’t need money; 

Live like it’s your last day, live like it's heaven on earth." 

Sitting in meditation with an unknown card between my hands, for my daily “Tarotfeely” a powerful emotion engulfs my heart space, a jerking forward, not unlike the intensity of falling in love.

A vulnerability of excitement AND anticipation, like my heart is going to leap out of my chest at any given moment at the new wondrous experience in front of me. 

I see in my mind's eye, one steady golden candle flame in the centre of the darkness, with a brilliant golden hue. 

I hear quite simply - “take note”. 

I turn it over and find myself face to face Death. 

Scientists say anxiety and excitement are one and the same thing.


It depends how we label it, and actually being face to face with Death was really...

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