What if you could Manifest a Miracle every month, every week or even every day?

With instant access to this magical formula made specifically for the intuitive person who finds it hard to plan, you can!

This uplifting package is a must for every tarot, astrology & intuitive journal lover! An enlightening compilation of  award-winning material on Intuition, Tarot, Astrology and Manifesting Miracles.
The Manifest a Miracle a Month Planner keeps you on track of miracles daily. Each month includes daily astrology, a tarot journal, and a way to tune into your true intuition and replace your “to do list” with a “ta-da list” every day

Most intuitives aren't living in their purpose, leaving them feeling drained.

Ready to break free?

For the Intuitive who's ready to live a fulfilled, confident life. 

Welcoming the IntuitiveCreativeHealerWriterAstrology lover, Tarot lover, or anyone with an open mind that is... 

DONE feeling stuck, and is READY to live the life that they know deep-down they deserve - by Powering up their Purpose, Passion and Partnerships at the rate of a Miracle a Month (or More)! 


Living as an intuitive, you’d think that Manifesting Miracles would come naturally, but you're finding it's not...

There are 3 big mistakes intuitives make when it comes to making miracles... 

  1. Getting too caught up in "OUT-tuition": Outuition is a term I've coined for an intuitive using their intuition to tune out of themselves (their own wants and needs) and into an external person or event. An example here might be "This person's needs are important, so I'll tune into theirs and hush my own".
  2. Intuitives lose their time, energy and days to other people: As an intuitive it's all too easy to do everything but your own agenda!
  3. Intuitives aren't great linear planners: I get it, as an intuitive you have to tune into your own flow. This E-Journal will make it EASY to stay on track. 



 The ultimate tracker of miracles helping intuitives receive divine purpose and passion fueled partnerships.

A powerhouse of tried and tested multi-award-winning transformational techniques blended with my unique way of working with Transformative Tarot.


What Our Happy Customers Saying:

“I’ve just downloaded your planner and it’s just amazing. I’ve been messing about with other planners since Jan 1st and just not getting on with any of them. Yours is brilliant – This really needs to be shared with the world!!!” - Alison Shadrack, Adia PR

"I now jump out of bed with a new found sense of wonder and connection in my daily life wondering what is going to happen next!" - Kirsten D.

"I smile because I know for the first time, instead of coming from fear or trying to prove myself I am coming from self worth and belonging." - Sue


About Tiffany Crosara

Having formed a relationship with Tarot since the age of four, Tiffany has spent the last four decades walking the path of Tarot as a tool to transform your life. 

It was a journey full of unanswered mysteries and challenges to crack on understanding the challenges intuitives face with tuning into their own wants and needs and being able to receive.

After a decade of being a professional high flying psychic on the London circuit and TV and a lifetime of codependency she finallyhad a breakdown that nearly cost her everything including  her family, marraige, home and career. 

But instead led her to crack the unsolved mysteries and challenges of being an intuitive, so the curse becomes a blessing.

Despite there not being anything out there for intuitives such as #intuitivesanonymous!

After finally cracking the code, Tiffany returned home and now has a happy marriage, family and home life (quite a breakthrough as a full time step mum) as well as being able to work with her passion in her own business a way that serves and empowers her clients, to help them find their path to thehappiness and fulfillment that's right for them. 

She is the author of 2012's Best Spiritual Book, The Transformational Truth of Tarot ( awarded by Prediction Magazine and The College of Psychic Studies)

Tiffany was named one of the best Tarot teachers in the world The UK Tarot Conference. 

Tiffany is also the creator of The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer, winning a gold award for most visionary product of 2019.

As the Boho CEO of The Transformational Truth of Tarot and Manifest a Miracle a Month, she mentors intuitives of all ages to find their true life's purpose, their confidence and their worth through transformational Tarot. 

Inside you'll find:

  • Transformative Tarot overview, monthly view and review that acts as an "energetic vision board" to power up your manifestation ability. 
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Miracle Intentions planner and tracker to identify and plan where your energy goes :).
  • New Moon Vision Mapping - to help you refine your monthly rhythms and fly to the Moon and back - kind of!
  • Daily schedule with moon phase, retrogrades and other major astrological events. 
  • Daily and weekly Tarot prompts to help you access your magic every day of 2021!
  • Daily wants and needs to help you tune into your intuition daily 
  • Plus a lot of grounded practical planners and trackers too, like weekly and monthly finance work, projects and health to make sure your miracles manifest. 

A Sneak Peak of The Pages

Incase you want a deeper look to see what's inside and why.


TOTAL VALUE: £ priceless!

Today's Price: ONLY £27

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