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The Transformational Truth of Tarot Manifest a Miracle a Month Old and New Year Ritual

If 2020 blew for you, (lets face it who didn't it blow for?) don't carry it into 2021. 

Heal your story

Understand YOUR bigger picture

Unlock BLOCKED manifesting

Co-create the magic the Universe wants for YOU

Join the Manifest a Miracle a Month with Transformational Truth of Tarot New and Old Year Ritual a....

Two Part Online Workshop showing you how to:

  • Channel exactly what the Universe wants for you so you can stop going against the divine plan.
  • Erase the shame, guilt, pain, resentment, loss, and negative energy that you've picked up as an intuitive this year.
  • Work with tarot in a way that is utterly transformative - not as a circus sideshow hustler.
  • Come to peace with 2020 month by month, so it’s not re-created in 2021
  • Create Your Tarot vision board for 2021 with month by month easeful tracking via pictures that say 1000 words that keep YOU on track  - rather than you having to keep on track and you have a reference point to anchor you whenever the s*** hits the fan.
  • Check your vision for 2021 is in alignment with the universe, so you minimise the chances of the s*** hitting the fan in the first place!


Part 1: 31st Dec @ 4pm GMT

1. a short meditation to connect you to your guides and open to channel the bigger picture. 

2. Live let's build it together online step- by-step instruction for doing The Transformational Truth of Tarot Old Year Ritual spread revealing the big picture behind all that went on for you month by month in 2020, fostering understanding so that you can come to peace and lay it to rest.

3. Live Q&A section to help you process anything you don't understand.


Part 2: 1st Jan @ 4pm GMT

1. Commences with a short meditation to open your mind to a graceful non-reactive, connection with the divine so you can courageously channel and co-create your 2021 with the Universe.

2. Live let's build it together online step- by-step instruction for doing The Manifest a Miracle a Month New Year Ritual spread revealing your co-creative soul contract with the universe month by month in 2021- so you can Manifest a Miracle a Month  on pose, on point, on purpose and on passion in 2021! 


What You Need:

1. One zoom link to click both times. 

2. A Tarot or Oracle deck ( TWO Tarot decks highly recommended but you can do it with one tarot or oracle deck - this workshop works best with two Tarot decks you like the pictures of)

3. Tissues (just in case)

4.  Pre session prep: Note a keyword of  what happened month by month in 2020  so you can build your old year ritual - Here's mine for example:

Jan - Travel

Feb - Shock

Mar - Success

April - Commencement 

May - Restructure

June - Redesign 

July - Reconfigure 

August - Humility 

September - Grief 

October - Redo

November - Reopen 

December - Relaunch 

As you can see there was a lot of Redoing in my year - just a note that I don't think that's the norm so don't worry if there isn't in yours! 

5. A 2021 Diary and a pen - not necessary just handy :) 

6. Essential: 90 minutes of undisturbed blissful you time.

7. A graceful, courageous, open mindset.


What You Don't Need:

1. Tarot knowledge - as long as you have decks that you like the pictures of you'll be fine :)

2. Interruptions or distractions 

3. A fearful, anxious mindset, come with the mindset of the universe doesn't give you anything you can't handle.

4. To wait to book this! 13 places have gone before I even publicised it - 7 left!

Important: Due to the sensitive depth and nature of this material, I cannot guarentee a recording - if you cannot make it live you need to add on the 1-2-1 for £197 (£294 for the 2 hour session - normally £500) and if you get a recording then see that as a bonus.